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Museums and Collections

Welcome to Sulphur Springs, Texas. Whether you're seeking family activities, learning experiences, getting in touch with the past, a place to enjoy driving your antique cars, or just some quiet time away from stress, we have it all!

Sulphur Springs is the home of the Southwest Dairy Center and Museum, which is supported by dairy farmers from six states; the Leo St. Clair Music Box Museum, a collection of over 150 unique and rare music boxes; and the Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park, a collection of historic buildings rescued from our distant and not so distant past.

Carrasel Music Box 

Leo St. Clair Music Box Museum

In the Sulphur Springs Public Library, located at 611 N. Davis St. in Sulphur Springs, Texas, are two collections that will put you in touch with a part of our past. First, the Leo St. Clair Music Box Collection takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of music boxes. One of the largest of its kind, the collection ranges from the antique and unique to the commonplace. Leo St.Clair served in the U.S. Navy during both the first and second World Wars, and the Korean conflict. It was during his military service that his interest in music boxes began, when the Queen of Belgium presented him with a box that is still the star of the collection. The displays not only celebrate his interest in music boxes, but his service to his country and fellow man. Once owned by movie stars and soldiers, the famous and the unknown, the collection is a delightful trip for young and old, through time and imagination.

Second, the Sinclair Collection of World War II memorabilia documents the activities of the T-Patchers—the Texas National Guard during World War II. The collection follows Buddy and Katy Sinclair through their wartime activities with photographs, letters, and documents. Buddy and his T-Patch comrades went through training and on to Anzio, Italy. Katy stayed behind and became a "Rosie the Riveter," working in the defense industry. Before and after the war, Katy and Buddy enjoyed life, and that included good times with friends. Katy's collection of menus, wine lists and swizzle sticks highlights the pleasure they took in all aspects of their life. Photographs show not only the maturing of two people, but the evolution of fashion in clothing, automobiles, residential and restaurant décor. This collection is about people who were not famous, but were intimately involved in events that changed the world. Through it, those who didn't live that life can experience what it was like, and those who were there with them can remember.

Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park

Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park are located at 416 N. Jackson St. in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The park contains a collection of buildings including a working blacksmith shop, grist mill, chapel, print shop, and country store. It is also the site of three annual events. The Folk Festival is held on the second weekend in May, and Indian Summer on the first Saturday in October, both of which celebrate the community's heritage with demonstrations of how its ancestors lived, worked, and provided the necessities of life. Christmas in the Park is a holiday celebration in the style of the 19th century. The Museum houses collections of unique folk art, memorabilia from the War Between the States, Caddo Indian artifacts, and fossils from the Paleolithic Era, including one almost complete skeleton.

Southwest Dairy Museum display
Southwest Dairy Center and Museum

The Southwest Dairy Museum and Education Center, located at 1200 Houston St. in Sulphur Springs, Texas, contains exhibits depicting all aspects of milk production and processing, from the early 20th Century to the present. Docents and self-guided tours offer hands-on experiences of the activities involved in milk processing. Educational displays emphasize the importance of milk in the diet of adults as well as growing children. After your tour, enjoy a light lunch, or fantastic ice cream treats, at The Creamery—the Center's old-fashioned soda fountain.

Come on your own, or contact the Sulphur Springs Department of Tourism for help in organizing an experience for your group, 1-888-300-6623.

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