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Listed below is a list of streets that have been paved since 2019 as well as a proposed 2022 street list pending funding.  Streets in red are paid for by the $10 Street Maintenance Fee.  Other streets are paid by the general fund.

Street Between Year Status
Jackson Middle to College 2022 Planned
Kasie Tate to Camp 2022 Planned
Lee Davis to League 2022 Planned
Fore Main to Connally 2022 Planned
Forrest Ln Bell to Barbara 2022 Planned
Garrison Main to Connally 2022 Planned
Glover Davis to Church 2022 Planned
Houston Hillcrest to League 2022 Planned
Commercial Serv. various repair 2022 Planned
Como College to RR 2022 Planned
Dabbs Gilmer to Davis 2022 Planned
Drexel Broadway to Mockingbird 2022 Planned
Fisher Spence to Lee 2022 Planned
Ardis Spence to Beckham 2022 Planned
Azalea Hillcrest to Main 2022 Planned
Bonner Church to Davis 2022 Planned
Brinker Beasley to deadend 2022
California Church to Seventh 2022
Charles College to Lakshore 2022 Planned
Beckham Oak to Elm 2021
Gena Cul de Sac to end 2021
Lee Davis to Broadway 2021
N. Davis Houston to Bonner 2021
Patton College to Weaver 2021
Phyllis Crt. College to Cul de Sac 2021
Texas Lee to Industrial 2021
Austin Davis to Brinker 2021
Duckworth Mockingbird to Broadway 2021
League Bellview to Pampa 2021
Reservoir Main to Concrete 2021
Texas Tate to Lee 2021
Westwood Entrance to Woodbridge Dr 2021
Barbara Tate to Camp 2020
Cedar Springs Hollie and Cedar Springs 2020
CMH Rd. Hwy 67 to I-30 2020
Debord Park to Cemetary 2020
Harred Alabama to College 2020
Lake Shore Jill to Lewis 2020
Longino Middle to Park 2020
Lou College to Lakeshore 2020
Jonas College to Lakeshore 2020
Mockingbird Shannon to Posey 2020
Myndi Helm to deadend 2020
Nicholson Locust to Moore 2020
Graham Gilmer to Oak 2020
Linda Fisher to Gilmer 2020
Middle Jackson to Church 2020
Oak Grove Jefferson to End 2020
Park Cir. Bill Bradford to all 2020
Plano/Pampa Texas to Brinker 2020
Rosemont Jefferson to Houston 2020
Seventh RR to Park 2020
Ashcroft Texas to Magnolia 2019
Brewer Locust to Ingram 2019
Carter Bill Bradford south to End 2019
Georgia Peach to Channel 2019
Hodge Fisher to Gilmer plus East 2019
N. Locust Connally to Woodlawn 2019
Peach Brinker to Davis 2019
Putman Oak to Jackson 2019
Towne Main to Ashcroft 2019
Beasley Texas to Davis 2019
Cranford Beasley to Bellview 2019
Elm Bill Bradford to Aluf 2019
Ingram League to Locust 2019
Park Springs Hwy 11 to  end of City Limits 2019
Pipeline Church to End 2019
Mulberry RR to California 2019
N. Locust Connally to Main 2019
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