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Click Here for 2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the City of Sulphur Springs

Our Mission at the Water Plant is to provide the highest quality drinking water to our customers  at the most economical price possible.

Our goal is to minimize electrical usage.  We were awarded an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to purchase three energy efficient motors for our high service pumps.  We also received a grant from Oncor to help reimburse the cost of the purchase of new, more energy efficient high service pumps to go with the motors.  That work is done.  Pumping water is our largest user of electricity.  We expect to start seeing substantial savings with this project.

We will continue to perform preventive maintenance to extend the useable life of all Water Plant equipment.  This year as part of a larger Enterprise Fund debt issuance, the water plant will be doing a sizeable amount of capital equipment replacement, maintenance and repair. 

Again, we will continue to optimize plant performance to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and to minimize the use of electricity, chemicals and fuel to maintain our budget at the lowest levels possible.

This department maintains the Water distribution and wastewater collection lines from and to their respective plants.  The City has about 140 miles of water lines and 140 miles of waste water lines.  This department ensures that these systems continue to function.

Though the city has been very aggressive over the past 15 years in replacing both types of lines, in many ways that effort has just begun.  Because of regulatory pressure as well as immediate cost of depletion, the sewer system has received the largest part of the replacement funding.  That has begun to change.  One of the worst old lines, that located under Houston Street has been replaced.  Meanwhile, this department  continues to stay very busy fixing broken water mains.

Over the last ten years this department has been busy replacing depleted water meters.  Typically, meters when they go bad, under report  the use of water.  As a result of this program water revenue has increased.  We will continue this program into the future.

We will continue to concentrate and focus on the identification of mains and valves.  Implementation of a valve operating program will insure the smooth operation of valves for isolation purposes.  We will continue sewer system and manhole rehabilitation working towards the goal of having zero sewer overflows.

Internally, we will strive to improve our parts inventory system to increase our accuracy of costing of specific jobs as we coordinate our activities with the Capital Construction Crews.  That effort will seek to reduce any potential for shrinkage.

The mission of the Wastewater Plant is to provide proper treatment of wastewater to the citizens and industrial customers of Sulphur Springs, while providing that treatment at the most economical price possible.

We also strive to keep the plant in sound operating condition by maintaining a good preventative maintenance program and keeping process equipment updated.  The Wastewater Plant is undertaking a significant amount of repair,  equipment replacement and maintenance. 

Proper and cost effective disposal  of sludge from the plant will continue to be one of the more pressing issues.  The City has contracted with an outside contractor to process the sludge to Class A compost which can then be used for landscaping purposes, etc.

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