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"It is the mission of the Fire Marshal's Office to prevent and/or reduce the incidence of fire by increasing the awareness and knowledge of the residents and businesses respecting fire safety, and by ensuring compliance with the International Fire Code and applicable ordinances of the City of Sulphur Springs. This mission will be accomplished through fire prevention education, fire investigations and compliance inspections. We will actively participate with our community, serve as role models, and strive to effectively and efficiently utilize all resources made available, to provide safety and excellent customer service to the citizens of Sulphur Springs, Texas, as well as those who are its visitors."

Fire Prevention is responsible for performing fire inspections, education and enforcement of adopted codes and ordinances, conducting fire investigations, reviewing plans, conducting records searches, issuing permits for burning.

Fire Inspectors perform inspections of all medium and high-hazard occupancies to help in eliminating hazards so we can create and/or maintain a safe environment.

Fire Investigators conduct fire investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires in the City of Sulphur Springs. Sulphur Springs Fire Department has four Fire Investigators.


David James 
Fire Chief                 

Aaron Kager                                         Dwayne Sprague
Asst. Fire Marshall                                Asst. Fire Marshall                          

Fire Station One Office:  903-439-3760
Fire Station Two Office:  903-439-3770

All plan submittals will be three hard copy plans and one CD.

Fire Department Permit

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