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Capital Construction

The Capital Construction Division has accomplished over $30 million of water, sewer, streets, and drainage improvements.  This is the 16th full year of the City of Sulphur Springs funded Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  For the first ten years, overall, the plan was about half funded as compared to the rate of expenditure required to replace the city’s depleted infrastructure.  In FY 2007, the funding was increased.  Now it has been increased once again.  With the increase in funding, the city will be able to tackle larger projects than in the past.  Houston is done.  This year, this department will continue its work on the downtown reconstruction project and the streets around the new City Hall.

For the first 12 years of the Capital Improvement Plan, the priority of work accomplished has been first sewer replacement, street reconstruction and finally water main replacement.  Before a street paving profile is completely reconstructed the underground utilities are also reconstructed to the extent necessary to insure they will last at least as long as the street section.

Going into the future greater emphasis will be made on water line replacement.  The leaks have become so frequent in some areas that they by themselves have just about destroyed what is left of many street surface.

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