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The purchasing office is part of the Finance Department and exists to manage, guide, and monitor purchases within the City of Sulphur Springs. City departments are responsible for their own purchases under $50,000 and the purchasing office ensures compliance with the City's Purchasing Policy and state law.

Bid and Solicitation Opportunities
– Opportunities can be found by registering with BidNet Direct, utilizing the City’s Website and Legal Postings in the Sulphur Springs News Telegram.  

BidNet & Texas Purchasing Group Information – The City of Sulphur Springs has partnered with BidNet as part of the Texas Purchasing Group a free web-based vendor registration and bid solicitation database. The City of Sulphur Springs as of May 1, 2021 is offering electronic bid submissions as an option.  The Texas Purchasing Group provides vendors with convenient online access to bid information for the City of Sulphur Springs and any other Texas government entities that are currently using the Texas Purchasing Group to post solicitations. Interested vendors can access the registration site for Texas Purchasing Group using the vendor registration link and follow the step – by – step instructions. Registering as a Vendor allows you access to view, download, and submit bids. If you need help registering as a vendor, please call the Texas Purchasing Group support department toll free at 1-800-835-4603, hours are M-F 8a-8p EST. Please note that the City of Sulphur Springs does not receive compensation from using Texas Purchasing Group.

Tax Exempt Status
The City of Sulphur Springs is exempt from Federal and State taxes. State exemption certificates, W-9 Form and the City's Tax ID Number will be provided by the City, upon request by the supplier.

Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires that any vendor or person considering doing business with a local government entity disclose any information about the vendor's or person's affiliation or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest with the local government entity by using the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire. By law, this questionnaire must be filed with the City Secretary no later than the seventh business day after the date the person becomes aware of facts that require the statement to be filed. See section 1766 of the Local Government Code for further information. By submitting a response to a quote, bid or other request, vendors declare compliance with the requirements of Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Invoices and Payment
The City of Sulphur Springs requires that all vendors submit a W-9 with their first invoice with the City and provide a current W-9 if any changes are made. 
Invoices will be paid two times a month.

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