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The Engineering Division provides engineering support services.  We assist citizens and developers with planning and zoning issues related to development.

Engineering provides Capital Improvement Plan data acquisition and design including engineering and construction survey, designs for water, sewer, streets and drainage for the Capital Improvement Program.

Community Facilities are reviewed, approved and inspected by this department including contract administration. 

Local Projects out to Bid.  Street Improvement Program (SIP) 2021
Contact Jodi Price at 903-885-7541

Online Mapping

New interactive online Mapping at Map Geo click here.
This includes GIS mapping showing zoning, parcels, flood zones, plus water and sewer.

Contact Engineering Department for zoning regulations, contour maps, flood plain maps and plat records.

Storm Water Detention Policy

Flood Plain information available online.  FEMA MapCenter services free of charge. Member of NFIS.

Right of Way Permit Application A permit is required if an existing utility provider does work within a City ROW.  You must contact the City Utility Department and 811 for locates.  There is no charge associated with this permit.

Zoning Map Legend (click zoning box on online mapping for zoning map)

A copy of the Subdivision Ordinance or the Zoning Ordinance can be purchased from Jennifer Graham

Plat document requirements

                Standard Detail Drawings for the City of Sulphur Springs
Water System Details (Sect. 1) Sanitary Sewer System Details(Sect. 2)

Water Service Detail
Fire Hydrant Details
Horizontal Thrust Blocking
Gate Valve Detail
Valve Pad Installation Detail
Water Main Pipe EncasementWater Main Pipe Encasement
Water Service Marker

Manhole Details
Manhole Details AA
Manhole Details BB
Manhole Ring & Lid Detail
Manhole Grading Detail
Shallow Manhole Detail
Sanitary Sewer Service Line Detail
Sanitary Sewer Service Clean out at Building Detail
Water/Sewer Crossing Detail
Pipe Embedment Detail (Sect. 3)
In Pavement Pipe Embedment Details
Open Cut Pipe Embedment Details
Patch Repair in Asphalt Detail
Patch Repair in Concrete Detail

Street Pavement Details(Sect. 4)
Typical Section 50' Right of Way
Typical Section 60' Right of Way
Typical Section 80' Right of Way
8' Valley Gutter Section Detail
8' Valley Gutter Layout Detail
6"x 18" Curb & Gutter Section Detail
6"x 30" Curb & Gutter Section Detail
8" Curb & Gutter Section Detail
Residential Street Cross Section Detail
Commercial Street Cross Section Detail
Lay down Curb Section Detail

Sidewalk Details (Sect. 5)
Sidewalk Details

Alley Standards (Sect. 6)
Alley Standards

Parking Detail Sect. 7)
Parking Spaces Details (One-Way)
Parking Spaces Details (2-Way)
Fire Lane Details

Lot Drainage Standard Sect. 8)
Lot Drainage Detail

Storm Water Collection System Details (Sect. 9)
Pre-cast 5' x 3'' Curb Inlet
Pre-cast 10' x 3'' Curb Inlet
Pre-cast Field Inlet
Pre-cast Junction BoxPre-cast Junction Box
Pre-cast RCP End Treatments
*Storm Drain RCP Pipe Embedment Details (See Section 3.00)

Erosion Control (Sect. 10)
Silt Fence Detail

Driveway Approach Details
Concrete StreetsAsphalt Streets

Other documents and forms can be found under the Document Center.

Contacts are:  Dave Reed, City Engineer, 903-885-7541, ext #742
                        Mike Allen, Engineering Technician, 903-885-7541, ext #731
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