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Municipal Court

Location:  201 N. Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

Phone: 903 885-7454                                                                                                     

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (2020 COURT HOLIDAYS)

Presiding Judge:  Hon. B.J. Teer                                 

Associate Judge: Hon. Brad Cummings  

PRETRAIL DOCKET FOR THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2020                                

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The Municipal Court and its’ officers represent the judicial branch of Sulphur Springs city government and is a part of the Texas Judicial System.  Its’ role is to adjudicate class C misdemeanor criminal cases and other state and city ordinance violations which occur within the city.  The mission of the Court and its’ officers is to provide a forum for the trial of all fine-only offenses in a fair, independent, impartial, timely and courteous manner.  The Municipal Court serves a critical role in preserving public safety, protecting the quality of life in our community and deterring future criminal behavior, and in doing so, promoting the public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.



If you were issued a citation, the options you have to resolve your case can vary depending on many different factors including but not limited to: type of violation, severity of the offense, age of defendant, etc.  You must, however, enter your plea on or before the court appearance date shown on your citation.  The law requires that you appear in person or by mail to pay the fine and court costs on or before your court date.  You or your attorney may appear in person in open court or by mail.  A TELEPHONE CALL WILL NOT CONSTITUTE A COURT APPEARANCE, GRANT YOU ADDITIONAL TIME OR PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS. 



You must contact the Court at the telephone number listed above to determine the amount of fine and costs for your specific citation.

The judgement and sentence for the offense you are charged is the payment of a fine and cost. If ordered to pay a fine and cost, and you cannot pay, notify the court immediately. If you are determined by the court to have insufficient resources or income to pay, the court is required to provide you other ways to discharge the fine and cost.


The Court provides all persons the right to a trial by judge or jury and follows the procedures set forth in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of Texas.  You must enter a “not-guilty” plea and your trial date will be scheduled.



The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all juveniles (ages 10 – 16) charged with Class C misdemeanor offenses.  All juveniles are required to appear in open court for all proceedings in their cases.  The parent or legal guardian of any juvenile charged in Municipal Court is required to be present in Court with his/her child, even if represented by an attorney.   



You may pay your fine in person at the court by cash, cashier’s check, credit card/debit card or money order , or by mailing a  cashier’s check or money order made payable to the City of Sulphur Springs at the address listed above.  If your citation is eligible for a Compliance Dismissal, the fee must be paid by cash only.  You can also pay by credit card or debit card online 24 hours a day at No personal checks will be accepted. 



You may request that your citation be dismissed through a Driving Safety Course, Deferred Disposition or by Compliance Dismissal.  Contact the Court for information regarding these options. 



If you fail to appear by your court appearance date or fail to abide by a court order, a WARRANT will be issued for your arrest.   A warrant may cause Texas Department of Public Safety to deny renewal of your Driver’s License.  Only full payment will clear the status with Texas Department of Public Safety and restore renewal of your license.  Personal checks are not accepted in payment of warrants. **WARNING**  If you mail payment, your warrant(s) will remain active and you remain subject to arrest until payment is received & posted by the appropriate clerk.  Call to confirm payment. Juveniles who fail to appear or complete their sentence will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety who will suspend the Driver’s License or deny the right to obtain a Driver’s License. 





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