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The Finance Department of the City of Sulphur Springs emphasizes a full integration of financial planning and controls into all aspects of municipal operations  as well as all capital improvement projects.  The department assists each of the other city departments into defining their mission in financial terms starting with an ongoing review of capital expenditures and finishing with a defined operational plan otherwise known as the budget.  Finance compiles each of these specific budgets, integrates them into the overall financial plan and presents the document to the City Council for their consideration and approval.

Budget documents, Comprehensive Annual Finance Reports, debt information, and other finance related information can be viewed by hovering over the Finance link to the left. 


 Local Property Tax Rates     
Taxing Entity      
City of Sulphur Springs  $0.44 / per $100     
 Memorial Hospital $0.25 / per $100    
 Hopkins County $0.624892 / per $100    
 SSISD $1.35048 / per $100     
Sales Tax      
City City- Dedicated to EDC County State
1.00% 0.50% 0.50% 6.25%
Hotel Occupancy Tax    
City County    
3% 6%    
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